14 Medium Haircut For Men

14 Medium Haircut for Men

Medium length haircuts are extremely versatile and can lend guys an effortlessly cool look. Not as short as a crew cut or as long as a man bun, medium length styles hit the sweet spot between conservative and carefree. From messy and textured to neat and parted, the options are endless!

Here are 14 medium haircuts for men to consider trying:

The Textured Crop

The Textured Crop 1

The textured crop is an easy-to-style medium length cut perfect for guys with straight hair. To get this look:

  • Ask your barber for a scissor cut with texturizing
  • Style with a matte styling product, pushing the front up and over to one side
  • Let the top fall naturally for a piecey, imperfect vibe

The textured crop works well on oval and heart shaped faces. The choppy finish reduces bulk and brings out your natural texture.

Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut

Love the sleek, polished look? A slicked back undercut could be your next go-to style.

To get it:

  • Keep hair long enough on top to comb back
  • Buzz the back and sides short with a skin fade
  • Apply pomade and use a comb to smooth all strands backwards

The slicked back undercut exudes confidence and works well in professional settings. It also highlights a strong jawline and cheekbones.

The Modern Pompadour

The Modern Pompadour

A contemporary take on a retro classic, the modern pompadour keeps hair longer on top with faded sides. Steps include:

  • Ask for around 2 inches of length up top
  • Taper the sides down to the skin
  • Blow dry using a round brush to create volume
  • Style upward and backwards using a styling clay

The pompadour elongates the face and brings attention upwards. It’s slightly edgy yet still clean cut.

Loose and Textured

Loose And Textured

For a low maintenance look, go for a medium length cut with a textured finish.

  • Keep hair longer on top with slightly shorter sides
  • Point cut into the ends using thinning scissors
  • Ruffle hair into place using a light matte wax

This cut suits oval and square face shapes. The natural texture provides movement and flexibility in styling.

Messy Brush Up

Messy Brush Up

Channel surfer vibes with the messy brush up. Follow these simple tips:

  • Ask your barber for longer layers on top with shorter sides
  • Apply a styling cream and blow dry hair upwards
  • Finish by brushing everything upwards using your fingers

Let strands fall messily for that effortless, windswept texture. This style works with straight and wavy hair types.

Faded Side Part

Faded Side Part

Another dapper style for gents is the faded side part. To get it:

  • Maintain length on top with a high skin fade on the sides
  • Create a deep side part using a comb
  • Secure strands in place with a medium hold pomade

The faded side part brings out your natural waves and works well with round face shapes. Show off the parting by brushing frequently using your fingers.

Spiky Hedgehog Cut

Spiky Hedgehog Cut

Go for broke with the spiky hedgehog cut! It’s edgy yet professional. Simply:

  • Ask for choppy layers all over, keeping length up top
  • Use a pre-styler followed by a strong matte wax
  • Shape into irregular spikes, lifting strands as you go

This punk-approved style is great for rectangles faces as it adds fullness. Reapply product to maintain definition as needed.

Medium Length Caesar Cut

Medium Length Caesar Cut 1

A fresh take on the classic Caesar cut, this medium length version utilizes longer layers up top styled forward to flatter the face shape. Steps:

  • Keep hair around 3 inches long on top with shorter back/sides
  • Cut the bangs straight across your forehead
  • Style the top section forward using pomade

The Caesar cut offers a clean, elegant look. It brings the focus upwards to the eyes and suits diamond face shapes best.

Textured French Crop

Textured French Crop 1

For a touch of European flair, opt for the textured French crop. Follow these tips:

  • Ask your barber for a short scissor crop cut
  • Incorporate point cutting to boost texture
  • Style using a clay product, creating irregular spikes

This messy cropped style works well with straight and wavy hair. It’s low maintenance and looks great worn up or styled forward.

Medium Length Comb Over

Medium Length Comb Over

Another timeless classic, the comb over flatters all face shapes. Steps to achieve it:

  • Maintain 2-3 inches of length on top, tapering sides
  • Create a dramatic side part and comb top layer to one side
  • Set in place using a pomade with shine

This dapper style oozes sophistication. For added polish, be sure to keep your parting extra crisp.

Middle Parted Shag

Middle Parted Shag

Channel rock star attitude with a medium length shag with a center part. Ask your stylist for:

  • Lots of textured layers cut to chin length
  • A central parting from front to back
  • Fringy piece-y bangs grazing eyebrows

Style by scrunching in mousse and letting strands fall loosely. This disheveled look embodies effortless cool. The volume hides flaws and brings out your eyes.

Wavy Grown Out Faux Hawk

Wavy Grown Out Faux Hawk

Gents with wavy locks will love this stylish faux hawk. Simply:

  • Grow hair out on top to around 5 inches
  • Taper the back and sides down in a skin fade
  • Style strands upwards and backwards using a wax

This faux hawk variant features longer length on top with natural texture. It’s great for rectangle face shapes as it adds height.

Shoulder Length Middle Part

Shoulder Length Middle Part

Think man buns and ponytails are the only options for long hair? Think again! Another stylish choice is a medium length middle part.

  • Grow strands just past the shoulders, keeping layers long
  • Create a center part from hairline backwards
  • Let hair fall fluidly on both sides

This pretty boy style looks amazing when air dried naturally. Show off your waves and texture by embracing the length.

Hopefully the range of medium length cuts above has provided some inspiration for your next visit to the barber shop! From conservative to daring and everywhere in between – the options are unlimited if you’ve got the length to work with.

Playing around with different parted, textured, messy or slicked styles can completely transform your look. Consider face shape, hair type and lifestyle to pick your perfect medium length haircut fit.

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