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11 Best Men’s Short Haircuts

Deciding on a new short hairstyle can feel like a daunting task. With so many options—from fades to textured crops to slicked styles—it’s tricky knowing where to start. Well, fret no more gents. We’ve compiled the definitive guide to the 11 best short men’s haircuts to try this year. Ranging from modern to classic, these chic cuts will have you rushing to the barbershop in no time.

1. Textured Crop

Textured Crop

If you’re looking for a stylish yet low-maintenance short men’s haircut, a textured crop is a terrific choice. To get this look, ask your barber for weight taken out through point cutting to reduce bulk, then have them incorporate texture using thinning shears.

This cut works well with straight, wavy, curly, and coiled hair types. The textured finish helps control unruly locks by adding separation. It also pumps up fine or limp hair.

With the sides and back tapered short, this haircut strikes a flawless balance between polished and nonchalant. It’s versatile enough to style messy for a rugged edge or swept up for a refined aesthetic.

How to Style It

Apply a pea-sized amount of matte styling cream or clay to towel-dried hair, distributing it evenly from roots to ends. For added volume and movement, flip hair up and tousle it with your fingers as it air dries. Reapply product post-drying to enhance texture.

2. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Masculine, fuss-free and eternally chic—the buzz cut epitomizes utilitarian short men’s hairstyles. To achieve this look, hair is clipper cut to a uniform short length all over. Generally a #2 to #4 guard is used on top, with a slightly shorter guard setting for the back and sides.

This minimalist haircut is perfect if you lead an active lifestyle or simply want an easy, no-muss style. Without length to weigh it down, hair retains its natural movement. This allows curlier hair types to showcase their gorgeous texture.

The buzz cut also spotlights killer bone structure. So if you’re lucky enough to have enviable cheekbones or a fantastic head shape, it makes an excellent choice.

How to Style It

Simply wash and wear this look. Towel dry freshly shampooed hair and allow it to air dry naturally. Unconstructed and raw, the buzz cut epitomizes an anti-fussy finish. If your locks could use a little detailing polish, try sweeping the fringe subtly to one side.

3. Short Pompadour Fade

Short Pompadour Fade

Bring a bit of retro sophistication to your look with a short pompadour fade. This suave style combines a voluminous pomp front with closely tapered back and sides. It’s at once refined yet edgy—perfect for gents who like to seamlessly straddle both worlds.

To achieve this style ask your stylist for a high skin fade on the sides and back, blending up to around two inches of length on top. This graduated shape creates contrast and the illusion of higher hair. Have them point cut into the fringe to encourage height and movement.

This look adapts well to various face shapes. Well-defined cheekbones and a stronger jawline are particularly complemented. The pompadour’s lofty pouf also helps balance out longer face shapes.

How to Style It

Apply a dime-sized dollop of high hold pomade or wax, distributing evenly through damp hair. Using a comb, brush hair straight up and back from the forehead to create a soft wave. Tip: Angle the part slightly off-center for added height and body through the front. Set by blow drying with a paddle brush.

4. Textured French Crop

Textured French Crop

Effortlessly cool, the textured French crop offers an artfully undone take on very short men’s hairstyles. Featuring texturized length on top and closely cropped sides, it’s the perfect style for gents with naturally wavy or curly hair seeking manageability.

To achieve this look, have your stylist cut the top longer, incorporating shattered layers and point cutting to encourage natural texture. Fade down the sides and back, tapering the nape neatly. A slightly longer area at the fringe provides looseness.

This cut can be worn slick or messy, depending on your mood and styling technique. Great for rectangular and heart shaped faces, the textured crop helps soften strong jawlines. The fringe’s shattered edge also obscures any strictness across the forehead.

How to Style It

Rough dry hair using fingertips instead of a brush or comb to emphasize the cut’s undone texture. Flip the fringe up and away from your face, allowing it to fall naturally. Reapply chosen product such as paste wax or texturizing spray to finalize the lived-in look.

5. Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League Haircut

Smart, refined and respected, the Ivy League haircut commands instant admiration. A true style classic, it debuted across prestigious American universities in the forties—hence the name. Since then it’s remained a staple short haircut for gentlemen.

Featuring medium length on top subtly blended with tapered sides, this look oozes preppy appeal. It’s predominantly styled with a side part and well-groomed sweep to the hair. This allows good height through the front without exposing too much scalp skin when viewed directly from behind.

To keep your Ivy League cut looking dashing, regular trims are a must. Visit your barber every 2-4 weeks to maintain its pristine shape and sharp sidelines. Great for oval, square and diamond face shapes.

How to Style It

Comb damp hair neatly into place, parting slightly off-center. Apply nickel-sized amount of medium shine pomade, ensure even coverage then set with a blow dryer using a vent brush. Style tip: When blow drying, angle vent brush vertically to build height through the interior fringe.

6. Short Spiky Hair

Short Spiky Hair

If you fancy an edgy, eye-catching ‘do with low-key punk attitude then short, spiky hair is the one. Jagged and jauntily windblown, spikes utilizes high hold matte products and chaotic styling motion to channel devil-may-care disarray.

Ask your barber for an overall sharp crop with texturized layers cut through the top and fringe to encourage height. Keep the sides faded close for dramatic contrast. Spiky hair is best flaunted on oval and diamond face shapes. Its sprightly fronds help downplay flatter or wider foreheads.

How to Style It

Rinse hair upside down under a sharply angled shower stream, allowing cut layers to splay. Shake vigorously and pat dry with a towel—do NOT comb or brush when wet. Instead, rake fingers haphazardly through damp locks to define spikes. Use strong hold matte paste or clay on hands and piece clumps in opposing directions. Allow to air dry fully for maximum separation and flex.

7. The Undercut

The Undercut

If you like to experiment with short men’s haircuts then be sure to try the undercut—it’s anything but boring! This two-tiered style plays with extremes, featuring longer hair on top dramatically shorn underneath.

Typically the sides and back are clipper cut close to the scalp. This could be a number one length or skin fade. Meanwhile, hair left radical long across the crown creates jarring contrast. The longer top section allows for variation. Experiment with a hard side part, voluminous pompadour, messy textured crop or swept quiff.

This cut creates a floating illusion that flatters longer face shapes with killer side profile impact. Confident gents with swagger to spare should definitely give the undercut a spin.

How to Style It

This haircut uses two drastically opposing lengths so products and styling technique must reflect that accordingly. Use lighter polish like sea salt spray and leave-in conditioner on longer sections for softness and flow. On closely cropped areas apply a matte paste, sweeping hair in the opposite direction of growth for height.

8. Shaved Head

Shaved Head

Minimalists will relish the sharp, sleek lines of a fully shaved head. Much edgier than your average bald crop, when paired with facial hair this takes on a hipster vibe. Or offset softer features for unexpected contrast.

Achieve this look by asking your barber to use clippers without any guard attachments directly against the scalp. For an ultra smooth finish, have them carefully blade shave over the entire head afterwards.

This style makes a serious style statement, demanding attention while looking fierce. The absence of any hair showcases excellent head shape and allows killer accessories to shine.

How to Style It

With zero hair length involved, styling efforts are instead focused on keeping skin looking healthy. Exfoliate regularly with a gritty scalp scrub and cleanse daily to prevent product build-up. Finish every wash with a nourishing moisturizer containing soothing ingredients like tea tree oil or peppermint. Your skin will thank you!

9. Brushed Up Hair

Brushed Up Hair

Reminiscent of a windswept quiff yet decidedly more nonchalant, brushed up hair epitomizes “bedhead chic”. Artfully mussed up strands are swept back high off the face, defying gravity in the coolest way.

To achieve this chaotic textured look, get an overall slightly longer short crop with shattered layers cut through. Keep the nape and sides tapered close for visual contrast against the rumpled crown. This style suits square and heart shaped faces, helping soften their angles.

How to Style It

Embrace your style’s organic movement by not over-working the shape. Rough dry hair using just your hands instead of heat tools or brushes. Once 90% dry, add texturizing cream by scrunching it into mid-lengths and ends only. Avoid roots for maximum lift. Turn your head upside down and ruffle hair vigorously with fingers angled back to set. Air dry fully before carding through with fingertips to separate pieces. Fling fringe casually up and away from face.

10. Messy Comb Over Fade

Messy Comb Over Fade

Rakishly dapper, the messy comb over fade artfully straddles refined and undone. It’s comprised of longer length on top gradually faded down the sides. The crown hair is then loosely combed from a deep side part to achieve an artfully tousled sweep.

This style oozes nonchalant edge, allowing texture and natural movement to shine. It suits oval, triangular and diamond face shapes. When accented by sharper features it specifically helps soften the squareness of square jaws.

A fade comb over flatters wavy and especially curly hair, showcasing kinks and coils beautifully. The longer section’s volume gives curls room to spring while closely cropped layers keep them under control.

How to Style It

Accentuate 2nd day texture by only shampooing hair 2-3 times per week. Use daily conditioner though for moisture retention. When styling, distribute texturizing gum evenly through the sides and back first to achieve a nice matte grip against the scalp. This prevents top layers from falling flat. Create side part then flip top layers loosely up and across, scattering them jaggedly with fingers for loads of roguish texture.

So there you have it—ten on-trend short men’s haircuts to inspire your next barbershop visit. From fuss-free buzz crops to messy comb over fades and everything in between, we’ve covered all bases to help you discover your perfect short style match. Remember—good hair lets self-confidence shine. So embrace yours by taking the crop and never looking back!

11. Edgar Cut

Edgar Cut

The Edgar cut is an eye-catching short style for men. It features longer textured hair on top with a blunt fringe contrasting dramatically cropped back and sides.

This cut combines an undercut and bowl cut for a modern, edgy style. The name “Edgar haircut” comes from its origins in Latino youth culture.

It makes a bold statement, drawing attention up with the graphic fringe. For curly hair, it showcases texture while streamlining unruly sides.

Style it with matte paste, sweeping the fringe straight forward over the eyebrows. Keep the cropped sides product-free for maximum contrast.

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