12 Best Haircuts For Balding Men

12 Best Haircuts for Balding Men

Hair loss and bald spots can be embarrassing and damaging to confidence. However, the right hairstyle can stylishly cover thinning areas and complement receding hairlines. When choosing cuts for balding men, focus on low-maintenance styles with short sides and textured tops to maximize the appearance of existing hair.

1. The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut

Among the most popular modern hairstyles for balding is the buzz cut. This super short style allows confidence, requiring little upkeep with maximum scalp coverage. Using clippers, cut hair to a uniform 1⁄8- to 1⁄4-inch length across the head. Frequently change attachments for texture.

2. The Short Brush Up

The Short Brush Up

Also called the “foil cut,” the short brush up relies on 3-4 inches of hair brushed upward and held with product. This draws attention upward, letting longer layers provide coverage on a balding crown. For added texture, ask your barber to use clippers or thinning shears.

3. The Short Spiky Cut

The Short Spiky Cut

Similar to the brush up, the spiky cut works well for balding men. Styled messy and textured using mousse, wax, or clay, the short spiked top contrasts with closely faded sides. This cut moves focus up while exposing the sides.

4. The Widow’s Peak

The Widows Peak

Men with a natural widow’s peak along the hairline can maximize this shape using the same principles that make the low or hi-top fade popular. Ask your barber for a high taper fade along the back and sides to accentuate the peak’s triangle design. Slick back longer hair on top for a stylish look.

5. The Comb Over Fade

The Comb Over Fade

A modern, trendy take on the classic comb over continues hair swept from one side across the part to conceal a balding area. Pair this longer swept section with very short faded sides and nape for contrast. Use pomade or wax to sweep strands smoothly across the scalp while maintaining volume on top.

6. The Buzzed Hard Part

The Buzzed Hard Part

Also referred to as the bald fade, this style pairs a clearly defined part cut into the fade along one side with longer hair on top styled upright. Work with your barber to determine the most flattering placement of the part based on your unique balding pattern and facial features.

7. The Textured Crop

The Textured Crop

For those with generally thinning hair across the top of the scalp, a textured crop cut very short works beautifully. Using thinning shears and a tapered trim at the nape softens the look for movement and flow. Frequent trims maintain the textured finish. Ask your barber to use the shears throughout for separation.

8. The Shape Up

The Shape Up

Creating clearly defined hairlines or “crisp edges” has become an art form for skilled barbers. For balding men, requesting a detailed shape up not only frames the face but removes wispy stray hairs along the temples and nape. This can be done in tandem with any tapering trim or faded cut. Upkeep between haircuts maintains the look.

9. The Classic Side Part

The Classic Side Part

Recalling old Hollywood glamor, the classic side part always makes a statement. This style suits thinning hair by allowing length on top to sweep across the parting from a full side. If cut too short, this can expose the scalp; left longer, the depth and wave conceal bald spots for vintage sophistication.

10. The Short Pompadour Fade

The Short Pompadour Fade

Short Pompadour Fade is a type of classic men’s cut with attitude, the pompadour has morphed into many modern variations. By keeping this style’s signature volume on top short, minimized upkeep is required. Pair with a high fade to spotlight the longer swept section of hair in contrast to the clipped sides.

11. The Buzzed Head with Beard

The Buzzed Head With Beard

Instead of fighting hair loss, many men choose to combine closely buzzed or shaved heads with thick facial hair. Pairing these areas of hair growth draws attention upward from the balding areas for a hypermasculine appearance. Letting your beard grow in fully helps balance the look.

12. Clean Shaven Bald

Clean Shaven Bald

Some men decide to take the plunge and remove all remaining hair across the scalp for a smooth bald look. Using a razor for maximum closeness, genetic hair loss is embraced with confidence. Maintain by re-shaving daily or every few days as needed. The key is keeping facial features neatly trimmed for optimal results.

With insider tips from skilled barbers and current style trends to guide choices, balding men can leverage shorter cuts, fades, textured tops, and styling products for enhancing thin spots while looking fashionable. Matching any facial hair to complement the finished look polishes the style further. By matching unique facial features and hair growth patterns to flattering shapes modern men experiencing hair loss can embrace changing locks on their own terms with panache.

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