12 Best Haircuts For Men With Round Faces

12 Best Haircuts for Men with Round Faces

Men with round face shapes often wonder which haircuts will best complement and enhance their features. The key is choosing cuts that add length and angles to balance out the curve of the face. From buzzed sides to messy tops, there are many flattering options for guys with full cheeks and a rounded jaw.

1. The Faded Cut

The Faded Cut

The faded cut is a classic yet contemporary style that works well for men with round faces. It features closely trimmed sides and back that progressively blend into longer hair on top, creating a taper haircut shape that makes the face appear less wide. This cut also looks great styled with some height and texture on top to further elongate the face. The high contrast between the fade and the length on top provides the illusion of sharper facial angles.

2. The Side Part

The Side Part

A side part is another reliably stylish haircut choice that complements a round face. By sweeping the hair over to one side, it makes the face appear less wide and circular. Having some volume and height on top also contributes to a lengthening effect. Avoid an overly neat, flat style and allow some texture for maximum slimming impact. Parting on your stronger facial side can also create a more angled look.

3. The Pompadour Fade

The Pompadour Fade

A pompadour with a high fade creates a flattering frame for round faces. The iconic pompadour style features hair swept up and backwards from the forehead in a voluminous, slightly curved shape that adds lots of vertical height to offset a round face. Pairing it with closely buzzed sides and back also slims things down. This eye-catching vintage style makes a strong style statement.

4. The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut 1

While very short buzz cuts are not always considered the most flattering option for rounder faces, the right buzz style can definitely work. The key is keeping some length on top – an option like a #2 or #3 buzz cut rather than clean shaved. This allows you to style the top hair forward into a subtle textured fringe that prevents accentuating the face’s curve. It’s a great low maintenance choice.

5. The Quiff

The Quiff

A bit similar to the pompadour, the quiff is another vertical style suited for minimizing a rounder jawline. It combines a medium-short back and sides with hair swept upwards at front. The key difference from a pomp is that the quiff’s volume leans more towards the front of the head rather than being evenly distributed. This draws attention upwards and creates some sharper definition. Have some fun experimenting with the shape and height.

6. The French Crop

The French Crop

A French crop is a chic, subtly masculine style that happens to work nicely with rounder faces too. A key characteristic is the textured fringe of hair swept across the forehead, which diffuses some width. Cropping the back and sides close while leaving length on top to style provides slimming contrast. This cut has a refined yet effortless look and works well with various hair types and textures.

7. Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair

Spiky hair may seem an unlikely match for a rounder face, but this rebellious style can definitely work. The idea is to avoid tight conforming spikes plastered flat to the head. Instead, go for loosely tousled spikes that stick out at various angles. Styling products add further separation and texture. This chaotic, vertical volume streches out the face. An edgy, rocker vibe results.

8. The Brush Up

The Brush Up

The brush up style handily delivers the elongated effect that rounder faces benefit from. As the name suggests, hair is styled by brushing it upwards and backwards from the front hairline. This motion reveals more of the forehead while also directing volume vertically rather than outward at the sides. Tapering the back and sides close takes even more focus away from the circularity of the jaw and cheeks.

9. The Hard Part + Pompadour

The Hard Part Pompadour

Here’s another modern variation of the classic pompadour that happens to complement rounder faces brilliantly. What sets this look apart is the extremely sharp side part or “hard part” shaved into the hair at one side. This enhances the angled illusion even further. Sweeping height upwards and backwards balances the curves below. Keep the back and sides super short for contrast and edge.

10. The Textured Crop

The Textured Crop 1 1

The textured crop is another short hairstyle option with the right styling qualities to suit guys with round faces. As the name suggests, the cut maintains conservative length on top while cropping sides and back close. The key is using products to intentionally mess up and texture the top hair into a layered, choppy arrangement. This dynamic shape will make a round face seem longer and prevent a too-neat bowl effect.

11. The Slicked Back Undercut

The Slicked Back Undercut

The rebellious vibe of a slicked back undercut contrasts appealingly against a rounded jawline. Shaving the back and sides beneath longer hair adds definition. Sweeping the remaining hair backwards directs styling vertically rather than outward for a lengthening effect. Generous palmfuls of pomade or wax transform hair into a glossy helmet, concealing scalp. Experiment with the amount of hair to use up top for proportions that enhance your face best.

12. The Fohawk

The Fohawk

Borrowing elements from both the mohawk and faux hawk, the “fohawk” combines a mostly shaved head with a strip of longer hair down the center. Usually wider than a mohawk’s signature slim spike, the fohawk’s column of longer hair should be styled upwards. This draws attention vertically, contrasting with the short sides to make the most of a round face’s attributes. Depending on your personal style, experiment with making it neat or messy.

Key Tips for Hairstyles to Flatter Rounder Faces

When evaluating the best hairstyles for round faces, focus on cuts and styling that make your face seem longer and add sharper definition. Here are some key elements to look for:

  • Volume on top styled upwards and backwards rather than outward at sides
  • Closely cropped back and sides
  • Angled side parts
  • Textured or messy styling rather than tight conformity
  • Layering and choppy ends rather than blunt shapes
  • Contrast between short and long sections

The most flattering hairstyles create the illusion of added angles and dimension to complement a rounded jawline or cheeks. Consulting an experienced barber or stylist can help determine the best proportions, shape and volume for your individual facial features and hair type. With some inspiration, you’re sure to find a look that makes you feel confident and stylish.

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