15 Must Try Long Haircuts For Men

15 Must-Try Long Haircuts for Men

Letting your locks grow out takes patience and care. But the payoff can be well worth it if you nail the right style. From shoulder-grazing layers to curly man buns, check out these 15 awesome long haircut ideas to try on your mane journey.

The Classic Long Layered Cut

The Classic Long Layered Cut

This timeless long layered haircut works for a variety of hair textures. The graduated layers remove bulk while allowing natural movement. Ask your barber for soft, face-framing layers that kick up naturally on the ends. Finger style or air dry for effortless texture. This cut looks great styled smooth or messy.

The Modern Pompadour

The Modern Pompadour 1

A pompadour with length puts a modern twist on a retro classic. Have the sides and back tapered short, leaving length on top to sweep up and back in a dramatic crest. Use a pomade or wax to style strands upward, teasing the front for extra height. The contrast showcases your facial features in an edgy yet sophisticated way.

Shoulder-Skimming Shag

Shoulder Skimming Shag

Craving hot rockstar vibes? A shoulder-length shag is just the trick. The choppy, shattered layers remove weight for bounce and movement. Fringe at the eyes and flipped out ends give off a devil-may-care vibe. Enhance natural texture with sea salt spray. Headbang not required (but highly encouraged!).

The Half-Up Man Bun

The Half Up Man Bun

If you can pull your hair halfway back, you have enough length for a man bun. Gather strands at the crown, twist gently and wrap into a messy knot with a hair tie. Loose pieces soften the look for casual cool. Show off new growth by letting the underlayers flow free. This functional style keeps long locks out of your face.

Curtained Bangs

Curtained Bangs

Curtained bangs softly frame the eyes while blending seamlessly into longer face-framing layers. The ends lightly dust the jawline, removing harsh lines. Part deeply on one side for asymmetry and tucked-behind-the-ear appeal. This ‘do combines the best of long and short hair. Perfect to grow out your next big chop!

Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut 1

High contrast and androgynous edge unite in this slicked back undercut. Buzz the sides and nape down to the skin for minimal maintenance. Let the top section grow out towards the tailbone for a striking look. Secure in place with a strong pomade, brushing strands tightly off the forehead. Feel free to amplify with a man bun or topknot when needed.

Textured Flowing Lob

Textured Flowing Lob

The textured flowing lob (long bob) delivers shoulder-skimming locks while keeping bulk at bay. Random snips take out weight and allow for movement and bend at the ends. Finger style waves using texturizing products like sea salt or mousse. Part loosely on the side or down the middle depending on your face shape and hair type.

Piecey Middle Part

Piecey Middle Part

Part your medium-long hair neatly down the center and accentuate the divot with this piecey style. Use thinning shears or point cut into the ends, making sure to leave some solid strands among the wispy layers. Apply styling cream on damp hair and twist random sections around your finger before blasting dry. The result is romantic separation with enough heft not to look stringy.

The Hipster Jesus

The Hipster Jesus

Channel modern boho vibes à la the Dude or hipster Jesus with below shoulder–length locks, full beard and easygoing styling. Embrace your natural texture whether it be straight, wavy or curly. Simply shampoo, condition, towel blot and air dry for an “I woke up like this” aesthetic. Add the perfect messy topknot or braid on low-maintenance days. Namaste!

Shoulder Length with Hard Part

Shoulder Length With Hard Part

Ask your stylist for a sharp hard part and clean outline to accentuate your new longer ‘do. This angled disconnect gives edgy distinction to shoulder-skimming strands. Style the top section brushed up and away from the part using a wax or clay with pliable hold. Keep the underlayers smoothed down for head-turning contrast.

The Gentleman’s Lob

The Gentlemans Lob

This dapper take on the lob falls gently across the forehead and grazes the collar in back. It’s tapered neatly behind the ears with squared sideburns for precision. Style it perfectly piecey with the front expertly swooped to the side. Or intentionally muss it up and sweep across for added volume and height. Either way embodies refined yet approachable swagger.

Windswept Texture

Windswept Texture

Achieve that natural “outdoorsy guy” look minus the bedhead with this textured style. Work a matte styling balm evenly through damp hair and blow out with a diffuser attachment moving hair side to side. The key is unevenness—allow strands of varying lengths to sweep across the forehead and cheekbones at different angles. Spritz with sea salt spray for added grit and hold.

Textured Bowl Cut

Textured Bowl Cut

Put an avantgarde spin on a classic shape with this textured bowl cut. Buzz the back and sides super short. Maintain approximately chin length on top, point cutting vertically into the ends and throughout the crown for shattered wisps and flex. Finger tousle during the drying process so pieces fall randomly. Finish with medium hold hairspray for edgy pieciness that stands at attention.

Half Bun Half Down Do’

Half Bun Half Down Do

When humidity hits and you’re over feeling frumpy, pull half your hair up into a tiny man bun. Gather hair at the crown straight back instead of on top of the head so flatness can be avoided. Leave the bottom portion down starting behind the ears to lighten thick locks. Show off your texture by allowing flyaways and sections to fall loosely framing the face.

There you have it—15 different ways to wear long hair as a modern man. Growing out your strands lets you experiment with all kinds of cool cuts and styles. Embrace the awkward stages until you reach your desired length. The versatility allows you to switch it up from polished professional to rock n roll rebel and everything in between. Get growing and enjoy the journey!

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